About Wolf Induction Cooktops

Cooking food in an energy efficient manner has become quite popular. Induction cooking makes it easy for energy to be transferred directly to the cooking vessel. This means there is no energy waste. According to the US Department of Energy, induction cooking has an ‘energy efficiency transfer’ rate of 84 percent. This is much better than electrical units that can only achieve an energy efficiency of 73 percent. A Wolf induction cooktop will help you cut down energy bills at home. Your kitchen experience will also remain top notch.

Wolf cooktops are made with kitchen safety in mind. Childproof lockouts have been incorporated to ensure young children do not accidentally turn on your cooktop. Additional safety measures include an auto safety switch off. The cooktop models have a wide range of control levels. Most of the models have more than 15 control levels. This makes it easy to regulate heat transfer more efficiently. Electric cookers cannot achieve this level of heat control. This is because electric elements have inherent inertia problems whenever the setting is adjusted. Your Wolf induction cooktop will decrease or increase energy flow as soon as you change the settings.

The manufacturer has made sure your cooking is done in the shortest time possible. Your cooktop will heat the cooking vessel evenly. This has been made possible due to the use of the Litz wire coil. Heat transfer starts from the middle of the pan and expands outwards. The manufacturer has also provided a wide range of element choices. You can purchase a Wolf cooktop with two, four, or five elements. The extra burners give you enough space to cook different dishes at the same time. You can set the countdown timer to shut off the burner after a specified time range. The timer has a range of one minute to 99 minutes.

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