Wireless Spy Camera

One useful device you can employ for home security is the wireless spy camera.  Wireless cameras offer some advantages over wired systems which are pretty obvious, but there are also some drawbacks and we’re going to talk about both.

The obvious benefit of a wireless surveillance camera is the lack of wires.  Getting a system wired can be a bit of a pain, and can be costly if you have someone do the installation for you.  Spy cameras that are untethered by wires can be deployed quickly and with much less fuss than wired cameras.  On the other hand, you do suffer a bit of quality loss by transmitting the signal rather than piping it directly through your cabling.  You can also run into issues of interference from physical objects as well as other wireless devices that may encroach on your cameras signal.  You are also pretty limited in the amount of cameras you can use via wireless due to the limited amount of frequencies that can be utilized, so wireless is not the way to go if you’re setting up a large multi-camera spy camera system.

The Mini Wireless Spy Camera

There are a lot of wireless security camera systems out there, but when you think of spy cameras, you think of something small and covert.  This is where your mini wireless spy camera comes in.  These are tiny cameras that use the smallest, and least amount of parts available.  Their quality isn’t as good as a full-sized camera, but what they lack in quality they make up for in versatility.  You’ll find these cameras in everything from pens to teddy bears, and they can be employed in a variety of situations.  You can also buy them as a standalone camera that you can place in any covert location you want. One of the most common uses for these cameras is the nanny cam.  Using a micro wireless spy camera to keep on eye on your nanny allows you to ensure your children are getting the best possible care.

The great thing about a hidden wireless spy camera is that it can be placed anywhere without you having to worry about it being detected.  Obviously its small size plays a big role in this, but the simple fact that it doesn’t have wires prevents detection as well, because the wire leading into an object that generally shouldn’t have wires would obviously be a dead giveaway that something is amiss.

A Cheap Wireless Spy Camera

If you’re looking for a cheap spy camera, you’ll be able to find cameras for $10-15.  Of course, as with anything, you get what you pay for.  That isn’t to say that thee cameras aren’t quality, and you can even find a wireless color spy camera in this range.  The video produced might be a bit grainy though, and you’ll want to look at reviews of the product before making a final purchase. As you increase the amount you’re willing to spend you’ll find cameras that improve in quality, as well as decreasing in size.

Whether you go cheap, or go big with a 5 camera wireless security system, you’ll gain a bit of piece of mind as a result of deploying a wireless spy camera.  They are a relatively inexpensive way to keep you and your family safe.

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