The VGA to HDMI Converter

There are a number of reasons why people would be interested in using a VGA to HDMI converter, including cost savings (from switching to updated media), keeping old gaming systems, and using a television screen to project images from a laptop or PC. However, because VGA operates on an analog signal and HDMI from an uncompressed digital signal, the two components are incompatible without the converter. For people who are trying to stay in the analog world a digital media update is in order.

Do NOT Buy a VGA to HDMI Converter Cable

The VGA to HDMI cable is available for purchase online and in some media stores, where people desperate to keep the cost of media updates at the lowest price can make a hopeful purchase. Sadly, the function they hope for does not work. The digital update that happened in June of 2009 left many homes without a way to watch broadcast TV. More importantly, hopeful PC owners have wanted to use their computer through a television set to watch films or online video clips only to find no available media connecters for the job but these cables do not work. The only time that such a cable will work is if you have a video card that is capable of digital output via the VGA connection. It’s likely that it does not, so don’t buy this cable.

The Long Way Around

To convert VGA to HDMI there is an option. Using two adapters a person can convert VGA to DVI and then DVI to HDMI. However, this results in an extreme loss of video quality. In addition, using the two adapter cables is an expense that is not worth the end results. Most estimates quote prices in excess of three hundred dollars to acquire the necessary media to make the long conversion from analog VGA to digital HDMI. Many HD televisions built to broadcast in digital signal can be purchased for less money than the adapters it would take to hold on to an old TV set.

The Best Option – The VGA to HDMI Converter

When it comes a signal translation that is cost efficient and effective the VGA to HDMI converter is the best purchase. This converter supports the analog to digital translation enabling video and audio to be projected through an old analog system. This makes the newest systems: computers, laptops, gaming machines, and televisions supportable through HDMI connections.

VGA is not coming back. Because HDMI can support more media and graphics (with a bandwidth of 5 gbps), more than twice the needed space for data transmission, this source will be a lasting output for many years to come. Currently Disney, Fox, Warner Bros., and Universal all use HDMI to support their creative productions. It is the apex in media transmission available on the market, and a simple converter to help the old communicate with the new can be purchased for less than the price of updating all of your media sources.

Of course, you will have to purchase both a VGA cable and an HDMI cable if you don’t have them already. ┬áThen you will be all set up to convert VGA to HDMI.
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