TV Ceiling Mount – A Versatile Mounting Option

Now that TVs are light and flat, you have many more placement options, including a tv ceiling mount. Most of the time when people purchase their new flat panel television, they only consider wall-mounting as an option, but ceiling mounting is actually a more versatile option for your home theater.

If you have walls that aren’t conducive to installing a wall mount, such as the brick or cinderblocks often found in basement home theaters, then a ceiling mount certainly comes in handy. If you prefer more of a corner placement, obviously a flat panel ceiling mount is going to be an excellent option. If you change your mind, you can simply reinstall that mount in front of whichever wall you choose.

Plasma TVs tend to be quite a bit heavier than LCDs, and as such, a plasma tv ceiling mount needs to be a bit more heavy duty than those for LCDs.  If you have a plasma television, make sure that you’re getting a mount that is rated to handle that additional weight.  This may be a problem with less expensive models, but most high-quality models work as both as a plasma and an lcd tv ceiling mount, and will say so in their advertisements or on the box.  Whichever type of tv you have, you should really just aim at getting as strong and sturdy of a tv ceiling mount bracket as you can afford.  These TVs are rather expensive to be quibbling about a couple of dollars when it comes to properly mounting it.  You’ll certainly feel like an idiot when that $20 you saved on your cheap mount turns into the $1000+ replacement cost of a new HD TV.

The ability to tilt is an additional option that you’ll want to look into.  Consider where you plan on mounting your hdtv, the height of the ceiling and where your home theater seating is located.  These will factor into whether or not you need a tilting ceiling mount, or not, and how much you’ll need it to tilt.  Another option you’ll want to look out for is the ability to spin, or pan.  These two options will help you achieve the most optimal viewing angle for just about any situation.

Having a ceiling mount tv in your home theater is really a versatile choice, when you consider the two options available (wall and ceiling mounts).  Some people prefer the cleaner look of the wall mount, but a tv ceiling mount surely gives you more placement options.

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