TV and Projector Ceiling Mounts

When you’re coming up with a design for your home theater, there are many options as far as where everything is going to go.  One viable option for equipment placement is the ceiling.  You can use your ceiling to mount your television, or your projector.  All you need is a sturdy ceiling mount that is appropriate for your equipment.

If you’re basing your home theater around a projector, then the most convenient option is going to be a projector ceiling mount.  This allows you to mount it directly in front of the screen, and above the viewing area.  This gives you the straightest, and most clear picture, and having it way up on the ceiling will prevent viewers from blocking the view, which you might have if you simply use a shelf behind the viewing area.
some universal projector mounts are designed to hold the projector upside down so the controls can be reached easily without having to pull the projector down.  These mounts have adjustable heights and viewing angles, so you can line your image up perfectly with your projector screen.  Other ceiling mount projectors will sit on a tray that is attached to the ceiling.  This can make adjustments, such as focusing, inconvenient, unless you have the remote.  You should have your ultimate home cinema universal remote handy, so that really shouldn’t be a big deal.  Where some difficulty might come in is with the initial height, and angle adjustments.  The tray projector mounts are a bit more cumbersome and difficult to deal with, however, you should only have to make these adjustments once, so again, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker if this is the type of mount you prefer.

If you have a plasma, or LCD tv, and you don’t think mounting it to the wall is going to be suitable, then you can opt for a television ceiling mount.  Flat panel monitors and LCD have a standard-sized mounting plate in the rear, so finding an LCD ceiling mount shouldn’t be very difficult.  Your choices will mainly boil down to color, height and angle adjustment, and weight options.  They come in your standard, black, white, chrome, brushed aluminum, and really any color you might imagine.  Most tv ceiling mounts have a telescoping post, so height is adjustable, whether you’re mounting the TV in a short finished basement, or vaulted ceiling living room.  You want to make sure that your TV is able to rotate vertically and horizontally, and can be locked in place once the perfect viewing angle has been found.  You have to make sure that the mount you purchase is rated for the weight of your TV so it doesn’t come crashing down mid-movie.  Plasma TVs are often heavier than LCD TVs, and properly anchoring, and installing a ceiling mount may require the assistance of a professional.  Such professionals are usually available at big box electronics store, and often even the local places.

A ceiling mount is a convenient choice to mount your TV or projector.  It keeps them out of the way, and makes for one less piece of furniture to dust.  Ceiling mounting your TV or projector provides a really clean look for those who prefer the minimalist look to their home theater.  Combine this with a hidden entertainment center, and you’ll be able to walk through the room without realizing your standing in a high-tech home cinema.

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