Tripod Projector Screen

Your home cinema needs a screen, and many people choose wall-mounted screens.  But, if you need to be able to move your screen to a new location, or simply do not want to mount a screen to the wall, you’re going to want to get a tripod projector screen instead.

A tripod screen is pretty self-explanatory in its construction.  It is a projection screen with a tripod on the bottom to hold it upright.  You can move this type of projector around the room, or to a different location entirely because it isn’t attached to anything.  It stands freely, and can be tucked away when not in use.  This would work very well if you have built your home theater in a basement that has cinderblock walls, or any other room that might have a projection surface that makes it difficult to physically mount the projection screen.

If you need to use your screen for uses beyond your home theater, you’re going to need a portable tripod projector screen.  These will typically have legs that fold inward, and a screen that retracts and turns sideways to align with the base.   Many of these portable tripod screens come with a bag with a handle.  This makes the whole thing much more manageable for transportation.  Tripod screens also have a height adjustment, so your projection will be on target wherever you are presenting.

If you need something that is sturdy and professional, you might want to look into getting a Da Lite tripod projector screen.  Their screens are made for professional uses, so if you need your projector for work on the go, as well as home, check them out.  They do not come cheap though, but if you need a mobile screen for client presentations, this is what you need.

As far as projector screens go, a tripod screen is your best choice if you need something versatile and mobile.  Whether you want to bring the theater experience to your friend’s house, or you have to give a presentation, a tripod projector screen is the way to go.

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