The VGA to HDMI Cable – It Won’t Work

The VGA to HDMI cable is one that is out of date and does not give consumers the best possible picture, not to mention that in 99% of situations, it’s not even going to work. With television technology constantly improving and gaming and multimedia technology being more prevalent, consumers want to make sure that they are watching the best possible image on their television. With the right cables and connections, this is possible. Unfortunately, not all components have the same input and output capabilities. Even if you have the newest and greatest HD television or LCD monitor, the image from an old DVD player, or computer will only be as good as the cable carrying the signal is capable of delivering. That is why it is important to have all of your components and cables up to date.

Currently, the highest standard of cable that is being manufactured is HDMI, which stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It combines digital audio and video signals in one cable. If your components are relatively new, they will certainly have output connectors of this type.

If you only have a VGA out, rather than some form of digital output for your computer, then you are limited to that analog output. If you want to hook it up to a monitor or television that has HDMI inputs, you’re going to have to not only ensure that you have compatible connections, but that you convert the signal from analog to digital. This is why a VGA to HDMI adapter cable will not work in most cases. You can’t simply hook one end into a VGA output, and the other into an HDMI input, and expect to see anything. The only rare case when this will work is if your computer is outfitted with a video card that is capable of pushing a digital signal out its VGA port. In this case, the VGA to HDMI cable will work just fine, but many computers are not capable of doing this.

The best way to switch VGA to HDMI is to use a VGA to HDMI converter box. This device takes analog signals and converts them into a digital HDMI signal. For less than $100, one of these devices can solve audio and video connection problems. You don’t have to worry about upgrading your old DVD player so that it gives you the best possible image on the TV. With one of these adapters, you can connect multiple devices into the television and get near HDMI quality.

If you come to find the VGA to HDMI cable not working, you are not alone. This is due to the aforementioned compatibility issues. Since it is analog to digital, it simply won’t work properly. There are reports of this cable working perfectly and there are reports that this connections simply will not work. ┬áThe times when it’s working perfectly are those when the person, probably unbeknownst to them, has a compatible video card in their computer.

If you have spent the money to get a high quality television, it may be time to upgrade all of your components so that they will give you the best possible picture and audio. Rather than hoping the VGA to HDMI converter cable will work, get a converter and some new components to take full advantage of your entertainment center and computer.

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