The Best Digital Coupon Apps for Android

Android phone users do not have as many choices for coupon apps as their iPhone user counterparts, but they still have more choices than Blackberry phone users. Three aps stand out above their competitors. Some of the apps listed here have made versions of their software for Apple’s product. The consumer does not need to know if someone makes versions of their app for different cell phone and tablet operating systems. She wants to know which apps best serve her needs and which company provides the easiest software. Three particular companies provide a product that stands out above all the others.

Coupon Sherpa makes software for the iPhone and the Droid operating systems. As the largest coupon app, it provides access to online coupons for hundreds of stores. The company announced the release of a version for the most popular cell phone operating system after receiving hundreds of requests for the software via Facebook and other social networking sites. One of the most useful features in the iPhone version is included in the droid version as well. The software can use the phone’s innate GPS capability to help a shopper locate bargains in her area.

Coupon Cloud does not work as well for finding local deals, but it fills a niche the other applications do not. This app allows people to find online deals. The inclusion of online deals may seem obvious for an application designed for a device that has connectivity to the Internet built in, but few companies have built it into the software. Droid users will want to download this app for this feature alone.

No list of the top 3 digital coupon apps for android would be complete without mentioning the My Coupons App. As with the other programs, users can download this from the Google Play market of the Amazon App store. It is a slightly newer program, and it does not have the same selection as the other two listings, but advertisers are realizing its capabilities rapidly.

Users can find other programs that offer savings on their favorite goods. The users do not cater to the extreme couponers who spend their entire day taking trips to the store. They make it easier for a person to save money on the items they need. The cell phone apps will not replace coupon clipping entirely. There will always be people who use scissors and the Sunday paper to find savings.

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