Staying on Budget With Cheap Projectors

When designing a home cinema, it’s important to keep your budget in mind.  But just because you have to limit your spending doesn’t mean you can’t have a great home theater in your house, so let’s talk about cheap projectors.

First of all, when investigating cheap home theater projectors, you want to make sure you buy the best you can afford while sticking to major brand names.  I’m not a huge stickler for specific brand names, like Samsung or Optoma, I’m just saying stay away from the Cheepo Projector 2000 (that I just made up).  This off-brand type of projector will often have outrageous performance claims written on the box and sells at an unbelievably low price.  You often really do get what you pay for, and right there you’re going to be paying for a new projector in about 6 months when the Cheepo breaks.

Good, you’ve decided to go with a brand name.  Brand names have a wide range of prices and products available, and even their cheaper models will often have the same quality parts and many of the features of the more expensive models.  You can even find cheap hd projectors starting below $1000.  That’s a great deal for a 2 meter tall picture in high definition.

If you don’t need to watch your movies in HD so clear you can see inside the actors’ pores, you can find cheap video projectors that start at only a few hundred dollars.  Ever since the American standard for television broadcast switched to digital, the prices for non-hd projectors have dropped significantly.  You will get the same movie going experience you would as if you went to an actual theater because many theaters don’t project in digital or HD.  Going with a standard picture projector will keep your wallet full and your viewers happy.

You can find these great deals online at places like and, but be sure to compare prices at multiple places before committing to a purchase.  Once again, stick with major retailers here.  You don’t want to go in search of cheap projectors at, even if they have a slightly cheaper price, you never know what kind of customer experience you are going to have with an unknown company.

Basically finding the right cheap projector comes down to deciding the picture quality you can compromise on, and a quality retailer with consistently low prices that you can trust.  Combine these two factors and you can have a nice home cinema set up for under $500.

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