Should You Get a Separate TV Projector?

If you’re looking for a TV projector, there a couple of requirements you’re going to want to look at beyond choosing a typical home theater projector.  If you use your projector only for movies, or other special events, then obviously it isn’t going to be used very often.  People watch television much more frequently than once or twice a week; some people watch several hours a day.  You’ll find yourself replacing your LCD projector bulb much more frequently with this additional use.  You’ll also need a projector with the proper inputs depending on how you pipe television into your home.

With the regular usage consistent with television watching, one of the factors you’re going to want to look at when selecting a lcd tv projector is the bulb life.  This is something you’d look at either way, but in this case you might compromise a bit on the quality of the picture for the additional bulb life.  If you pay top dollar though, you’re going to get the best of both picture quality and bulb life.

You can also consider getting a cheap tv projector that is used solely for television, while using your high-end HD TV projector for movie projection.  This may seem like a bit of overkill, but it really depends on how fanatical you are about your home theater.  You can find cheap projectors, even cheap HDTV projectors for under $200 on eBay and other online marketplaces, and considering that that might be the cost of replacing the bulb in your high-end projector, it really is a perfectly acceptable solution.

You’ll want to be sure not to go too cheap though.  Some inexpensive projectors won’t have a a wide variety of input slots, so if you do go the cheap route, be sure to check to make sure it has the one you need.  Direct TV, and Cable, if you have the best boxes available, will always have some form of HD output.  This can either be Composite or HDMI, and you’ll want to verify which one your box has, and ensure that you’re chosen TV projector is compatible.  If you’re still living in the dark ages of over-the-air television, your television projector is either going to have to have a built-in HD tuner, or you’ll have to purchase one separately.

My favorite choice for watching TV are online sources, like Hulu, and the networks’ own websites.  Depending on what type of output your computer has, VGA or HDMI, DVI or a combination of those, you’ll have to have the appropriate cable to connect your computer to your projector keeping in mind that VGA and DVI do not carry audio, while HDMI does.  For VGA and DVI you will need a separate audio cable to go to your home theater receiver.

Setting up your home cinema for television watching is a matter or taste.  Some people prefer setting their home theater apart for special viewing because it makes those events more memorable and it really catches that movie theater feel if you don’t use it that often.  For others, their home theater doubles as their general family entertainment room, and this is where you might need a TV projector.  Whether or not you choose to go with a second projector for this extended and frequent usage is up to you.

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