Types of Pink Flowers

Pink is a really beautiful color. It is loved for its softness and unique femininity. Flowers have also been known for their aesthetic value and undeniable charm. When you mix the charm of pink and the beauty of flowers, you get the perfect eye candy. Be it in your garden or indoors, a splash of [...]

Types of Lily Flowers

If you’re looking to plant lily flowers in your garden, you have countless species and types to choose from. You can actually have different varieties of lilies flowering from summer to winter/fall, depending on the species you choose. This type of lily flower has bright colors and numerous small, delicate petals. Compared to other varieties [...]

Types of Yellow Flowers

Most of us perceive flowers to be the sweetest things on Earth. Flowers are gorgeous and adorable and their presence offers fresh ambiance. Yellow flowers are the best flowers you can ever have. They have a lot of significance such as strong feelings, happiness, platonic friendship and gladness. With such awesome qualities they are definitely [...]

Types of Wedding Flowers

For many years, flowers and weddings have been inseparable. Many brides often choose to use wedding flowers to add that dramatic effect to their wedding to make it look classic. Here are some of our favorite types of wedding flowers. The Mum is another simple white flower, which provides diverse petal layers. It has a [...]

Types of Blue Flowers

Flowers grow in different parts of the world. In most countries, flowers are grown in greenhouses under cool temperatures. This is done majorly for commercial purposes. Nonetheless, there are florists who plant flowers in their gardens for beauty or as a hobby. There are many kinds of flowers to choose from. Yet, it is vital [...]

Types of Purple Flowers

Flowers play a big role when it comes to decorations. There are different types of flowers depending on their colors. They also hold a special place in people’s lives. One of the common types is the purple flowers. In many cultures, purple color symbolizes royalty either in religion or other cultural aspects. Below are different [...]

A List of Flower Names From A-Z

Below you will find a list of flower names that cover the entire alphabet. For more flowers that start with each letter, use the navigation above, or the categorical navigation to the right. Aster is the Latin word for "star" which perfectly describes the starry flower heads. This flower belongs to the sunflower family and [...]

How To Get Rid Of Termites Yourself

Termites may be small but the damage they cause is definitely not. The worst thing about termites is that they are not only very dangerous but also act silently. This means that termites might be living and thriving in your home while you remain totally clueless. By the time you notice signs of damage, it [...]

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? FAQ

When we hear of bed bugs most of us think of small bugs which are close to invisible, that infest our beds due to improper cleaning of the beddings or immediate surroundings. Contrary to this popular belief, bed bugs are actually visible! We hardly see them because they are usually active in dark places. During [...]

Types of Water Lilies

Water lilies are aquatic plants that occur in tropical and temperate parts of the world known scientifically as Nymphaeaceae. Water lilies are very beautiful to look at. This brings a more aesthetic value to the pond when they glow making the pond to be environmental friendly. When they grow in a pond, they aid in [...]

Types of Calla Lilies

The Calla Lily is one of the favorites in this group of flowers, though it doesn't even technically belong in the family of Lilies, nor is it really a Calla. It has this name none-the-less, and below you will find a list of all of the different calla lilies out there. It has passionate flowers [...]

Types of Red Flowers

In nature, red is encountered frequently in fruits and flowers. Strawberries, apples, tomatoes, and cherries are all colored red. Flowers such as carnations, roses, tulips and gerberas are colored red. Red is thought to be a color that stimulates passions and brings joy as well as excitement and desire in an individual. This article aims [...]

Types of White Flowers

White flowers can often become the 'eye candy' of any garden as they sparkle among the diverse colors. There are many types when it comes to the options available in white flowers. This piece will focus on some of our favorite different types of white flowers and what they are all about. These are one [...]

How To Kill Bed Bugs Naturally

There are a number of natural methods that can be used to kill bedbugs. These natural methods actually also tend to be the most effective making them the preferred treatment to get rid of bed bugs in your home. Suffocation - cover all your beddings and furniture using plastic bags and encasements. Ensure that there [...]

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth For Bed Bugs

Food Drade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is not harmful to humans, but is very lethal to bedbugs. Once the bedbugs come into contact with the treatment, they die since the treatment severely dehydrates their bodies. Before you begin the application process, you will have to steam clean or vacuum your box springs, carpets, mattresses and all [...]

How To Kill Bed Bugs In Clothes

One of the grossest and most uncomfortable parts of a bed bug infestation is when they get into your clothes. This puts them right up against your skin for feating purposes and is enough to make anyone's skin crawl. If you have an infestation there is a very simple thing you can do to get [...]

What Kills Bed Bugs? FAQ

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding bed bug control revolves around what kills bed bugs. These are stubborn and resilient pests, and there is a lot of misinformation about what does and doesn't kill bed bugs, so hopefully this FAQ will clear up any questions. Let's start out with more natural, or homeopathic [...]

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Digital Couponing

While Extreme Couponing may have given many individuals the incentive to begin saving money when shopping, many more people struggle to understand how digital couponing works and how they can possibly save money themselves. The world of digital coupons is constantly growing with more and more people realizing that there are ways for them to [...]

Fire Extinguisher Classes in the United States

Note: We're talking about the classes of fire extinguishers here, as in fire extinguisher classification, not fire extinguisher training. For training, contact your local fire department. The use of a fire extinguisher by a trained person can be a life and property saving tool. However, many people do not know much about various fire extinguishers, [...]


How To Kill Flying Termites

Flying termites are just common termites that are in their winged life stage. This phase is part of their reproduction cycle. While they are breeding adults at this stage and don't cause significant damage themselves, they create thousands of termite wood-chewing offspring. Flying termites seek new locations for their colonies. It you find winged termites [...]