What Exactly is a 1080p Projector?

When it comes to buying a projector for your home theater, you’re probably going to go with HD, or high definition, and there are a couple choices available.  One of the most popular HD formats that people go with is the 1080p projector.  This is the best HD standard available these days, and will give [...]

Mini Projectors

Mini projectors are a new technology that is gaining ground in the world of handheld electronic devices.  These projectors are also known as pico projectors, or pocket projectors, and they really are small enough to fit into your pocket.  They are no larger than most cell phones, or small digital cameras.  With these pico projectors, [...]

Electric Projector Screen

One of the ultimate accessories in your home theater pursuits is the electric projector screen.  This allows you to comfortably sit back in your home theater seating, punch a remote control button, and down comes your projector screen. These projector screens come in a variety of sizes, starting as small as 25″ (what’s the point, really) [...]

Is a Blu-Ray Burner Practical?

A popular way to protect your original DVDs is to burn copies, and keep the originals safely tucked away.  Blu-Ray is the new HD media standard, and I’m wondering if it’s practical to continue this practice. In order to do this you’re going to need a blu-ray burner.  Blu-Ray is not incredibly new, as far [...]

Home Theater Seating

When designing a home theater, it’s important to take into account the comfort of you, your family, and guests.  You want to have a sufficient amount of comfortable home theater seating for everyone, and you want this furniture to fit in with the design of the room too. If your home theater doubles as your [...]

Wireless Home Theater System

Sometimes people just don’t like the look of all that speaker wire hanging around their home cinema.  You have the option of pinning it to the molding, to make it inconspicuous, or you could drill holes in your walls and ceiling, and string it through that way, but the simplest way to avoid seeing those [...]

Projector Screen Material

Whether you plan on making a projector screen yourself, or you’re simply going to purchase one, it’s important to have some information on the best projector screen material so you know what you’re looking for.  You want to make an informed decision when it comes to outfitting your home cinema with a screen. If you’re [...]

Tripod Projector Screen

Your home cinema needs a screen, and many people choose wall-mounted screens.  But, if you need to be able to move your screen to a new location, or simply do not want to mount a screen to the wall, you’re going to want to get a tripod projector screen instead. A tripod screen is pretty [...]

Staying on Budget With Cheap Projectors

When designing a home cinema, it’s important to keep your budget in mind.  But just because you have to limit your spending doesn’t mean you can’t have a great home theater in your house, so let’s talk about cheap projectors. First of all, when investigating cheap home theater projectors, you want to make sure you [...]

Choosing a Home Theater Receiver

Your home theater receiver is the brains of your home theater’s operations.  It is a piece of equipment that takes incoming signals, organizes them and distributes them to the appropriate channels.  These signals can be radio waves, or the input from a DVD or blu ray player, or VHS if you’re really old school.  The signals [...]

Home Theater Basics

When you set out to turn your living room, or any other room, into a home theater, you have to start with the basics.  It’s best to decide what type of projector you’re going to need, the type of sound system you want, and the receiver you’re going to use to tie it all together. [...]