Names of Flowers That Start With A

Are you in search of the most exotic and popular flowers that start with the letter “A?” Here, you’ll find such a list. Some interesting facts about these flowers have also been given. Each of these flowers represents something and have a special kind of significance. Read on to learn interesting facts about all these flowers starting with “A.”

African Lily (botanical name: Agapanthus)

This flower is popularly known as the “love flower.” A native flower of South Africa, it is also called the “Lily of the Nile.” The funny thing is though, that it is not actually a lily. In New Zealand, it is classified as an environmental weed. It is best suited for growing in gardens or in containers and kept as an indoor decorative. One of the best cut flowers as it lasts up to seven days when kept in a vase.

Amaryllis (botanical name: Hippeastrum)

The name of the flower literally means “to sparkle.” Also known popularly as the Naked lady or March lily, it is very distantly related to the Lily family. You will have to be extra careful while dealing with the flower, as it is not frost tolerant. A favorite of the noctuid moths. It has a symbiotic relation with the Carpenter bees as well.

Almond (botanical name: Amygdalus communis)

This is the flower of the plant from which we get almonds. The flower is a symbol of watchfulness in Hebrew because of its early flowering. It has been popular for quite some time, and mentions of it can be found in the Bible. Its delicate flowers make it one of the best ornamental flowers suited for all occasions.

Amaranth (botanical name: Amaranthus gangeticus)

The flower is considered to be a symbol of immortality. It’s one of the best known ornamental plants. The oil that can be produced with it is considered to have medicinal properties. Used in the treatment of eczema and memory loss.

Arbutus (botanical name: Arbutus unedo)

It looks great and always stands out since it remains green all the time. It’s a cold weather tree and hence can survive only in extremely cold places. The extract of the flower is used to treat rheumatism. It never fades and has a super good glossy look.

Azalea (botanical name: Rhododendron)

One of the most exotic flowers that start with A. The flower blooms and reblooms and hence you get 20 weeks of bloom time each year. Reblooming adds a much better and pleasing effect. It is a semi-evergreen shrub found in Asia, Europe, and North America. The flower is also deer resistant.

Ambrosia (botanical name: Ambrosia deltoidea)

The water requirements of this flower are as less as it can get. It has a very low span of life, especially for it being a desert plant. Used to reduce the sharpness of plants like cactus. It is hassle free, litter free with no maintenance needed.

Acacia (botanical name: Acacia greggii)

The plant bearing this flower is called the thorn tree or whistle thorn. It literally means hidden love or beauty in withdrawal and is known to have amazing medicinal value. Bright yellow flowers and silvery leaves make it absolutely stunning to look at and add great beauty to the indoors where they are kept.

Apple Blossom (botanical name: Pyrus coronaria)

This flower should remind you of a spring apple orchard and is one of the best selling flowers. It can be placed anywhere indoors and is usually categorized under one of the best ornamental flowers category. It is Michigan’s state flower. It gives off a very pleasant honeysuckle scent. During spring, no other flower is seen at homes of Michigan than fragrant apple blossom!

Anemone (botanical name: Anemone)

It is commonly referred to as the windflower. This flower is a very heavy drinker. It lasts up to a week or more in the vase and always curves toward the light. It should be bought only when the buds are half opened or just opened to ensure longer shelf life. Best when used in a vase arrangement. It symbolizes vanishing hopes or diminishing love.

Listed above are 10 of the best varieties of flowers that start with A. Now that you know what each of these flowers symbolizes it is easy to pick the best flower for each occasion – whether you intend to add to the grace of your interiors or make your exteriors more colorful. Make sure to pick one of these flowers to rightly suit the kind of event that you are planning for.

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