The Names of Flowers from A-Z

Below you will find the names of many flowers listed from A-Z.

List of Flower Names


They belong to the onion family and are considered as one of the versatile bulbs for the spring or summer garden. It is a cut flower that blooms into a cluster of globe shaped flowers at the end of the stem. The ornamental Allium ranges from one to twelve inches in size and blooms in early spring.

The Bell Flower

It is the common name for a family of bell shaped flowers called Campanula. They bloom from late spring to early summer in shades of blue, lavender and white. It has five petals and they are fused together with the tips rounded, pointed or flared. Some are upright bells while others droop.


This is an old fashioned flower that belongs to the Theaceae family. This is an old-fashioned flower with glossy green foliage and fragrant flowers that illuminate gardens in the cooler months of the year. These lightly scented flowers range from shades of red to pink to white and are two to five inches wide.


Dahlias are versatile, luscious and sensual flowers that grow without much care and maintenance. The Dahlia flower has leafy stems and the flower is globe-like containing numerous ray petals. These impressive flowers require abundant sunlight.


This dramatic bell shaped tubular flower with distinctive spotted or speckled throats bloom in mid-summer. They add a brilliant radiance to any garden and thrive well in well-drained, moist and fertile soils.


This is a perennial favored for its exotic and showy flowers. This is an easy-to-grow, graceful and attractive species which makes great cut flowers. The flower is subtended by two leathery green bracts with the sepals and the petals almost identical in nature. They are also known as the sword lily.


This high fragrant flower is a member of the lily family. They have glossy green strap-like leaves with star-like fragrant flowers that bloom in dense clusters. They boom during the spring and summer season. Their pleasant smell makes it ideal for indoor flower arrangement.


The iris flower which belongs to the Iridaceae family is fan-shaped and has six blooming flowers. They are delicate and resilient and add a fabulous color and texture to any garden. They are easy to maintain and bloom in spring.

Jupiter’s Beard

This is a flowering perennial with scarlet to red dome shaped flowers in dense clusters. It is also known as the Keys to Heaven or Red Valerian. They are not fussy but require a well-drained soil with ample sunlight. They begin to bloom in late spring to midsummer.


These yellow button-like flowers are the prettiest spring features and at peak bloom polka-dot the plant to create a stunning look. This vigorous, deciduous spring blooming shrub in valued in most gardens for its bright yellow colored flowers.


This is a perennial herb that features attractive foliage and beautiful flowers with rich fragrance. These intensely perfumed blue-violet, mauve or white flowers are dried for making potpourri. These aromatic flowers are also highly resistant to drought.


They bloom from mid-summer to winter. These glorious flowers in colors of brilliant yellow and bold orange are great for cheering up a garden. They inherit a strong, pungent odor and have much value in cosmetic treatment.


This is a truly eye-catching flower with a strong scent and belongs to the daffodil family. This bulbous perennial with the appearance of yellow daffodils heralds the onset of spring. They are usually yellow or white with a narrow tubular base and accented with contrasting trumpets or centers.


These fragrant flowers that bloom from summer to autumn range from shades of apricot, copper, pink, yellow to white depending upon the variety. Though the flowers are fragrant they are considered as one of the world’s most highly poisonous flower. Ingestion can prove fatal.


This species belongs to the Primulaceae family and has thin stems with small flowers. These classic cottage flowers bloom in shades of pink, lilac and yellow and require daily watering. These flowers are great for flower arrangements and bouquets.

Queen Anne’s Lace

They are typically white and feature large branching umbels that have a lacy appearance. These elegant white lacy flowers are relatively short-lived. However these beautiful flowers are widely used by the florists.

Rose of Sharon

This is a deciduous flowering shrub that blooms in late summer to fall. These beautiful cup-shaped flowers range from shades of blue, lavender, pink to white depending upon the variety. This species of flowering plant is highly valued across the globe.

Snap Dragon

This flower resembles the face of a dragon. They have stalks of brightly colored flowers that bloom throughout the summer. They are intensely colored and add a magnificent look to any garden.


They are perennial flowers and beautify any garden space. One of the first signs of spring is the blooming of tulips. They have six petals and the colors include white, yellow, pink, peach, orange, red and lavender.


Uvularia is showy yellow colored wild flower that adapts easily to any flower garden. This is a delicate, narrow bell-shaped flower that droops downwards. Each petal is slightly twisted which adds to the charm and elegance of these flowers. They bloom from spring to summer.


They are also known as the Periwinkle and features glossy dark green leaves with blue or white colored flowers. These annual flowers are a perfect addition to any garden. They bloom profusely in spring and continue to bloom consistently throughout the summer.


This is a climbing vine and famous for its hanging clusters of beautiful fragrant flowers. They are prolific bloomers in summer and put up a gorgeous display. These flowers hang dramatically in clusters in shades of purple, pink and white.


This is an evergreen perennial flower found in Australia. They are characterized by long, narrow leaves and spear-like creamy white flowers.


This is a medicinal and ornamental flower that grows in sunny to lightly shaded areas. They provide a wild flower look to any garden and develop clusters of yellow, white, pink to salmon colored flowers.


They are available in almost all shades except blue. They bloom from summer until winter and attract birds and butterflies. They are ideally grown for flower arrangements, decorations and for adorning flower vases. Zinnia are a striking option for any garden.

There you have it. A big list of the names of flowers from A to Z. If I’ve forgotten your favorite flower, be sure to let me know in the comments.

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