Mini Projectors

Mini projectors are a new technology that is gaining ground in the world of handheld electronic devices.  These projectors are also known as pico projectors, or pocket projectors, and they really are small enough to fit into your pocket.  They are no larger than most cell phones, or small digital cameras.  With these pico projectors, you can take your home theater with you wherever you go.

Obviously the benefit of these mini projectors is their portability.  You can show off your movies, or pictures anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a flat, white surface.  These projectors also use LEDs instead of the expensive bulbs typically used in projectors.  These LED projectors bulbs have a life of 10000 hours or more.  Some even claim bulb lives of 30000 hours.  That’s 20 years of viewing at an average of 4 hours a day.  That’s huge compared to the 2-3000 hour life of standard projector bulbs.  LEDs are also much cheaper to replace, and their small size makes them conducive to portable uses such as this.

There are, of course, limitations due to the size of these projectors.  Clearly they don’t have the power of a home theater projector that you can just plug into the wall.  Relying on battery power, a mini projector will only last about as long as it takes for one movie showing.  A short movie.  It might not survive a viewing of Lord of the Rings.  You also shouldn’t try watching your movies in a brightly lit room.  At only around 100 ANSI lumens, or less, these mini projectors don’t fare well against the light.  You also shouldn’t plan on broadcasting your movie on the side of your friend’s house.  While normal projectors have potential viewing sizes of 20 ft or more, mini projectors are generally limited to around a 60 inch diagonal viewing range.  This is still quite a decent sized picture from something so small.  Speaking of small, you’d think this cutting edge microtechnology would cost and arm and a leg, but it doesn’t.  A pico projector will cost you even less than a standard projector.  You can pick one up for between $100-200.  You could spend more, of course, and these higher end devices will have additional features.  One really cool extra feature is built-in memory.  This allows you store movies on your projector, so there’s no need to plug-in your iPod, or other mobile device.

While these projectors aren’t exactly suitable for home cinema applications, they provide a lot of bang for the buck.  Imagine your friend’s surprise when you show them the latest viral video on the wall next to the bar.  With a mini projector, you have the power to connect to the internet with your phone, and project anything anywhere.  Well… any dimly lit area at least.

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