A List of Flower Names From A-Z

Below you will find a list of flower names that cover the entire alphabet. For more flowers that start with each letter, use the navigation above, or the categorical navigation to the right.

Flower Names A-Z

Flower Names A-ZAster

Aster is the Latin word for “star” which perfectly describes the starry flower heads. This flower belongs to the sunflower family and brightens a fall garden when little else is blooming. No wonder they are touted as the “super stars” of a fall garden. The color palette includes blue, pink, violet, white, lavender and white with a yellow center.

Bleeding Heart

This flower has attractive mounded green foliage with red heart shaped flowers with white tips dangling enticingly from the arching flower stems. They bloom in spring and thrive well in moist climatic conditions. It takes its name from the resemblance its blooms have to the bleeding heart.

Calla Lily

It is a type of annual flower growing from a funny looking knobby tuber. These trumpet shaped flowers are naturally elegant looking and grow in full sun in mild and harsh climates. Calla lilies are delicate and attractive flowers that are used for flower arrangements.


These are trumpet shaped flowers that range from yellow to deep orange in color. They are considered as the most powerful and vigorous flowers of the spring. These beautiful spring time flowers add a spectacular element to any garden.


These flowering plants belong to the Euphorbiaceae family with milky sap and small petals held within colorful cupped bracts. The flowers vary in size and feature bright yellow, red or orange flower heads.


With uniquely attractive flowers and bushy foliage Fuchsia is great plant valued for its pendulous flowers. This is a stunning flower, with lovely hanging lantern-like flower blooms in colors of purple, pink or magenta. These vibrantly attractive flowers bloom continuously from summer to autumn.


They are bright, colorful and pretty flowers that are grown as ornamental flowering plants. They are so perfect and hardly look like natural flowers and bloom in almost all shades except blue and purple. These popular flowers feature large and colorful blooms and are wonderful additions to any garden.


Hibiscus commonly known as rose mallow produces attractive funnel shaped flowers with soft petals and large stamens. This tropical flower that range in colors of red, yellow, pink and blue are shaped like a horn or trumpet. Some species have the ability to change color as they age.


These flowers are highly valued for their variety and vibrancy of colors. These plants produce flattened flowers with large petals from early summer till the first frost. This prolific bloomer is nicknamed as the touch-me-not.

Justicia Carnea

This is a tropical flower with upright spikes of tube-shaped blooms and dark green foliage. It is also known as the Flamingo, or Jacobinia and range in colors of white, yellow, apricot and pink. It is an attractive, sweet smelling shrub that grows best in the shade.

Kings Spear

These gorgeous star shaped, fragrant yellow flowers with strappy grass like foliage bloom in abundance in late spring. It is a magical experience to observe the star shaped flowers slowly blooming from the lowest whirl. They thrive well in sun or partial shade.


These flowers bloom in a wide array of colors like red, pink, white and blue. They bloom during spring and summer and the petals are loose, irregularly shaped and grow along the stalk vertically.


This is a pretty looking purple color flower with darker stripes and attractive foliage. The darker stripes appear as if stroked on with paint brush. Some flowers are darker in color with lighter band that render a silvery appearance. However all flowers have striking stripes.


This is a shrub species that produces attractive violet-blue flowers with dull darkish green leaves. The flower is bell shaped with curly star shaped petals with yellow stamens. They bloom mostly between May and October months.


This is an impressive and exotic flowering plant with colorful and fragrant blooms that stays fresh for months. They are charmers in the real sense and a mere glimpse of the flower can make you spell bound. The shimmering attraction of the flowers and the vivacious shapes creates a magical experience.


They continuously bloom from spring to frost and scent the air with a lovely fragrance. They are found in a range of attractive colors and give your garden a bright and radiant look.


This is an interesting looking flower and the blooms can be found in clusters which renders an amazing look against the bright green leaves. These flowers attract butterflies and humming birds.


They are brilliantly colored soft headed flowers with whorls of delicate petals. They are great for floral arrangements as they last for a long time. The chief attraction of the flower lies in the multiple layers of thin petals that resemble an origami artwork.


Salvias bloom abundantly and create a beautiful landscape. This flowering plant produces spikes of densely packed flowers with aromatic foliage. This flower is a perfect choice to start your summer garden with a bang and end with a grand finale.


This is a showy flowering plant with distinctive three petalled flowers and fleshy, evergreen foliage. They grow almost everywhere and flower throughout the summer. These summer flowers bloom in shades of red, white and blue in large clusters.


This flower plant belongs to the Hyacinthaceae family and produces white to pale yellow or pink star shaped flowers that emerge from a bulb.


This is a perennial flower with an extremely long blooming season. These prolific bloomers add a charm to any garden. These rich flowers with creamy centers are particularly gorgeous in hanging baskets and containers. They bloom in shades of pink, red and purple spectrum.


They are bell shaped flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer. The flower is five lobed and blooms in shades of yellow, pink, red and lavender with an attractive foliage.


This purple color tubular flower with silvery flower heads is one of the prettiest of the everlasting flowers. The stunning double crested paper-like petals with the attractive foliage are excellent for cutting. They are also a perfect border filler.


This is a member of the agave family with pendulous whitish flowers that bloom in clusters on a thin stalk.


This is a popular perennial garden flower that blooms in vivid neon colors from mid-summer to autumn. They bloom best in full sun and thrive well in almost all soil types.

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