Kinds of White Flowers

White flowers, that are a symbol of purity and peace can brighten up your day and bring cheer. When you are presented with white flowers you should know that they are given as a token of appreciation for innocence and truthfulness. White flowers in the garden glow in the dark and give a heavenly appearance. There are many kinds of white flowers. Each one is unique in its own way.

White Orchids

Orchids are always very popular for their unique and exotic beauty. White orchids are the rarest among the different kinds of orchids. It is a symbol of purity. The flower has two whorls. The outer whorl has three or more sepals and the inner whorl has the same number of petals. The sepals look just like the petals. The flower has 2-3 stamens. The bright white color of white orchids suit all types of flowers in a bouquet and that is the reason why you find orchids in almost all wedding bouquets. They symbolize glamour and beauty.

White Gerbera Daisies

These flowers have a yellowish disk in the center and have rays-shaped large blooms that measure 4inches or more. There are miniature varieties too that have smaller petals. The petals are thin and are arranged in layers giving them a cluster look. White Gerbera flowers are popular for their classic beauty. Their beauty can brighten up your day and give cheer even to a bed-ridden person. The flowers are given to express all sorts of thoughts and create a good impression about you in the minds of the recipient.

White Daffodils

The daffodil flower has a cup shaped center. The cup is whitish yellow in color. The center is surrounded by six petals. Although all the six look the same and considered to be petals, botanically speaking, three of them are petals and three of them are sepals. The cup shape in the center gives the flower a trumpet-shape. It is referred to as the flower of rebirth. It is supposed to bring good luck. This flower is given to wish the recipient good luck and success in his efforts.

White Lily

White lilies are elegant flowers that are trumpet shaped, bowl shaped or bell shaped. Lily has three inner petals and outer three sepal. All the six have the same appearance and are referred to as tepals. The flower has one pistil and six stamens. Lilies symbolize unions and long lasting relationships. They are present in wedding bouquets and add a royal look to the bouquets.

White Rose

A rose is a rose is a rose. There can be no doubt about this. A white rose is special. The petals of a rose are arranged beautifully. The outer petals are wider and the inner petals are smaller. There may be three or more layers. The more the layers, the more is the beauty of the flower. It symbolizes love, purity, virginity and sacrifice.

White Tulips

Tulips are known for their elegance and beauty. The single flower tulip has six petals. The flower is bulb-shaped. The buds as well as the flowers are equally beautiful. They are sent to ask for forgiveness.

White Hydrangea

White hydrangea are 4-petal flowers. The flowers are found in large clusters that are 5 -12 inches wide. The whole cluster looks like a single large flower when seen from a distance. It is a widely grown in gardens not only because the plants are easy to maintain but also because a large cluster gives a fresh and bright look to the garden. Although, it is not used much in bouquets, they are used in flower arrangements.

White Dahlias

White dahlias can be seen in different shapes and sizes. All dahlias have a honeycomb shape in the center. The center is surrounded by a cluster of petals. The cluster of petals may be packed very closely in some dahlias. In some types the flower looks petite with 1-inch sized petals and some have 3-inch petals and look large. Whatever be the size and shape, the flowers look amazingly beautiful. They are a symbol of elegance and dignity. They are given as gifts for weddings and anniversaries because they symbolize the loving bond between couples.

White Jasmine

Jasmine flowers are known for their beauty and their fragrance. Jasmine flowers are petite flowers. The flower has five petals. The petals look like small rays. Their grace and elegance make them the favorite of women in Asia who wear them in their hair. The flower symbolizes attachment.

White Anthurium

It is a topical flower. The petals are glossy and have leafy bracts. The flower is heart-shaped. They are the favorites in a garden because of their attractive and unique shape.

There are many more white flowers that are unique and lovely. White gives a peace of mind.

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