Kinds of Purple Flowers

Flowers and blooms can create a nostalgic aura to any space. When it comes to versatility and charm, purple flowers are continually being enjoyed by ardent homeowners and gardeners as part of their overall decorative element. A color fit for royalty, it is best to know that there are various kinds of purple flowers ranging from pale lavender to the boldest of royal color. To get you started on your search, here are some of the most popular purple flowers to choose from.

Purple Roses

Commonly used for occasions like silver wedding anniversaries and memorial events for a lost spouse, purple roses symbolize timeless love. It adds nostalgia and elegance to any event and normally complimented with baby’s breath or hydrangeas.


A perennial bloom that is bulbous in nature, tulips come in various shades of purple from the lightest of lavender to the darkest of violets. Purple tulips represent passion, strength and love.


Funnel-shaped flowers usually arranged in large globes. This is usually called by florists as “Lily ofthe Nile” and is native in South Africa. Agapanthus, aside from purple, also comes in white or blue shade.


Remember Vampire Diaries? Well, verbena is, indeed, used in folk medicine but, sorry to say, not for vampires. These small yet brilliant blooms have 5 petals that are neatly clustered to create a thick spike. Verbena is a natural butterfly magnate.


Small with asymmetrical blooms and heart-shaped leaves, violets come in many forms ranging from the common blue violet to garden violets and sweet violets. The petals usually define their species. States of New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois and Rhode Island all have violets as their state flower. They also come in blue, yellow or white.


Vanda, cattleya, dendrobiums, purple calla lilies, lady slipper or paphiopedilum, and phalaenopsis or moth orchid are some of the popular orchids with the purple hue.


A perennial bloom with surrounding purple flowers and a center disc comprised of diminutive yellow flowerettes. It is usually star-like in shape.


Fragrant and popular among gardener, this comes in both lavender and purple hues. It has funnel-shaped blooms, leaves shape like a sword and thin stems.


Think about Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous (and wildly expensive) painting done while in an asylum. Irises have six petals with three smaller ones standing upright and the other three drooping backwards. Stems are long and erect.


Coming in various shades of purple, petunia flowers are shaped like trumpets. They are easy to grow even on windowsills and hanging baskets.

Aubergine Dahlia

Popularly used for winter wedding bouquets. Late blooms often have white tips.

Bright Anemones

Great for winter weddings, too, due to its softness and gorgeous blooms.


Purple pansies are annuals and can either be clear-faced or monkey-faced. Clear-faced pansies have one solid color. Monkey-faced ones have a dark blotch on the petal’s middle.

Moss Phlox

Can be either round or narrow, notched or star-shaped in petals. It can also be slightly fragrant. Color can range from lavender to deep magenta.

Sweat Pea

This annual climbing plant has flowers with 2 to 3.5 centimeters or larger in size when in the wild. It can grow to a height of 2 meters with leaves and tendril twining on other plants or support to climb.


Most sought after by bees and hummingbirds due to its nectar. The Columbine blooms are delicate and usually come in dual color patterns. This is also the state flower of Colorado.


Commonly called grape hyacinth, this is one unique and highly elusive purple bloom. This is one great choice of bouquets or table arrangement for a spring wedding.

These are just some of the most popular kinds of purple flowers out there. In far regions like the tropics, the number of flower species with purple blooms are also quite many. One thing is for sure, purple flowers are great ideas for aesthetics and sophistication.

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