How To Kill Lice Yourself

Head lice are the parasites that may infest your scalp. They’re usually transmitted by way of person-to-person contact, but can sometimes be transmitted through clothes or any other means. Lice infestations, in many cases, are a problem with school-aged kids, but could affect anyone. They’re rarely found in adults. Treating lice could be a lengthy process, but doesn’t necessarily need any prescription shampoos.

Do you know the Symptoms of Head Lice?

Inspect your son or daughter’s hair and scalp. Look for nits behind the ears, around the crown of the head, and also at the nape of the neck. Following symptoms may indicate an infestation of head lice:

Itching – Itching is often the first sign that lice might be present. It is also the most typical lice symptom. Children might be itching only a little more than usual or you may find frequent and vigorous itchiness.

Red Blisters on Head – Occasionally, small red-colored sores get formed on the scalp because of scratching on the parts bitten by the louse.

Crawling Feeling in Hair – Your son or daughter may grumble that it feels like something is crawling in their hair. This is the louse crawling around.

Proven Remedies for Head Lice and Nits

This is how to get rid of lice and also to wipe the nits off from roots of your kid’s scalp, you can look at some remedies I have listed below:

Your home, especially your kitchen, is a superb source of natural anti-lice home remedies. You can wash hair off with vinegar, as vinegar has got the capability of killing the nits inside your child’s hair in only 2 days.

Application of coconut oil like a conditioner to the hair is also beneficial. Vinegar coupled with any mineral based oil in equal amounts can be applied. This mixture needs to be left in your child’s scalp for at least an hour after which you will rinse it off with a shampoo. Now comb off your child’s hair using an anti-lice comb to remove all of the eggs and unconscious lice out of your child’s hair.

Another proven and efficient natural treatment to get rid of head lice is the use of 20 drops of tea tree oil combined with your kid’s regular shampoo. This process can be done daily as it doesn’t have any side effects with daily use. You may also mix 1 tablespoon of tea sapling oil, 3 tablespoons olive oil, and one teaspoon of eucalyptus oil with your kid’s regular shampoo. This mix can be applied to your kid’s scalp. After application of this mix, cover your kid’s head with a plastic bag for about half an hour before you rinse it. This is the most effective method of getting rid of head lice naturally.

An overnight application of mayonnaise as a conditioner makes it much simpler for the lice to slip off of your kid’s hair whenever you will use anti-lice hair comb after washing thoroughly. This can make bed time rather messy though.

Use of a mixture of butter and lemon in your kid’s head for just about 20 minutes again helps in eliminating head lice naturally. Later you can rinse it off using a shampoo.

Listerine Antiseptic Mouth wash has also turned into a famous fix for lice because Listerine Mouthwash consists of some important oils such as thymol, eucalyptol, methyl salicylate, alcohol, as well as menthol that are beneficial in getting rid of head lice.

To use the olive oil: Saturate the entire scalp-head-hair with at least ½ cup of olive oil. You may place a shower cap over the head. Leave the oil on for at least 10 hours – the longer you leave it on the better. It is said that if the child has olive oil in their hair they cannot be re-infected with head lice because the hair is too slippery for the lice to grab onto. Please note: there are other oils – such as flaxseed oil, baby oil, etc., but olive oil is considered the best due to less scalp irritation.

Why is it essential to remove eggs of lice?

Chemical shampoos kill around 95% of the eggs. But, even if only one viable egg survives the therapy you choose to use then your entire lice cycle will start again. Regardless of what treatment you utilize, you must manually take away the eggs through thorough combing or even pulling all of them out. These eggs are easy to miss as they’re so tiny. Keep in mind that eggs are usually laid on the crown, around the ears, and close to the back of the neck. They’re around ¼ inch down the hair base.

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  1. martina

    what a load of rubbish. Sorry, but I’ve tried all of these and more, and nothing works. They are so tiny they go through all the nit combs on the market. No remedy currently on the market kills them. they can hold their breaths for 12 hours or more, so nothing suffocates them. Pesticides to physically kill them are necessary, because even after 6 hrs of nit combing, some will still remain. But pesticides are harmful to humans too, so are banned. They have evolved to multipy quicker than published data. I nit comb thoroughly for 4hrs every 2-3 days, and every time, I am infested with them. I’m at my wits end. Wish it was nits end.

  2. no thanks

    Made a solution combining methyl salicitate, lice shampoo, tea tree oil, Deet, wintergreen alcohol and left it on hair for 6 hours. Shampooed with lice shampoo. Itching stopped immediately. The lice came from a public laundry before the new washing machine arrived. Note: whole house must be treated with flea and tick spray, and evacuated during the twice weekly treatments of spray; the floors cleaned with Pinesol, carpets cleaned with carpet cleaner, bug spray containing Deet. Furniture with upholstery should be treated as well. All sheets, towels, pajamas etc washed in clorox and dried at highest setting. The clothes, especially shirts, scarves, undershirts should be cleaned and treated, too. In five days use the solution again, following the agenda above. One may have to treat again in one week if the slightest symptom occurs. The creatures are extremely hard to eliminate, Methyl salicilate and Deet are most important ingredients. Do not get this solution in your eyes. Wear a snug shower cap during treatment. Wash hair and towels immediately. Then condition with tea tree conditioner and color your a fabulous golden blond! Dry with clean towels, fix hair in charming do and go out to dinner! Best not to reveal this info at dinner. It is not well received…nor is it witty.

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