Home Theater Seating

When designing a home theater, it’s important to take into account the comfort of you, your family, and guests.  You want to have a sufficient amount of comfortable home theater seating for everyone, and you want this furniture to fit in with the design of the room too.

If your home theater doubles as your family or living room, then the most practical home theater seating is going to be the usual family room might have in it.  You’ll probably have a couch or sofa, maybe a smaller couch or love seat, and possible a chair or recliner.  If you plan on frequently showing movies to guests, you are probably going to want to add additional seating in the form of some comfy recliners.  If you’re short on space, and want to save money, bean bags are cheap home theater seating option that are easy to pull out when guests come over, and put away when they leave.  You can even simply use throw pillows so that guests can comfortably lounge on the floor wherever they’d like.

If your home cinema is used strictly for the purpose of movies, then real home movie theater seating is for you.  These seats are designed to fit in with the movie theater feel of your cinema, and appear as if a recliner and a theater seat had a baby.  They have the familiar comfort factors of a recliner, with cushy and comfortable upholstery and the ability to put your feet up, and lay back.  They also include a cup holder built into one armrest, and often a plastic tub on the other armrest for storing remote controls, or snacks.  These theater seats come in a variety of fabrics, but for the appearance of a high class luxury cinema, leather home theater seating is the best choice.

The configuration of home theater seating furniture is unlike that of any other type of furniture in that it often features multiple reclining units attached together as you would see at the theater.  Often they are also curved to give everyone a good view of the program.  Some come in the form of singular chairs in a row, while others mix in a wider seat in the middle for cozier viewing for couples.

The styles and colors of this furniture also vary, and you’re certain to be able to find one that meets your tastes.  The most common is black leather, but you can find various shades of brown and tan as well, just like any other kind of furniture.

In the end, the home theater seating you choose boils down to design and personal preference, but also keep in mind the comfort of those who you are entertaining.

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