GE Profile Induction Cooktop

Most people don’t really understand the need for an induction cooktop. If you are already happy with an electric cooktop or a gas cooktop, what is the need for an induction version, right? Wrong, induction technology has been designed to work in an energy-efficient method and its loads better than conventional cooking methods.

These are difficult times. Energy bills have been rising in cost steadily over the last five years. As we all known, radiant and gas based cooktops are effective but they do consume of lot gas and energy and that automatically means higher energy bills at the end of the month. Induction cookers were made to bypass all these problems. Innovative new models like the GE models have several unique features that make them safe, energy-efficient and easy to use.

Useful features include:

  1. Induction cooktops are 85% energy efficient as they heat only the pot are that is in direct contact with the cooktop. This ensures that energy created from the coil is focused and concentrated on to the pot bottom and directly on to the food in the pot. The heat produced by the electromagnetic coil in the cook top can be controlled in such a way that even chocolate and delicate sauces can be prepared.
  2. When the pot is removed off the cooking area, the heating element automatically detects this and it automatically turns off the heat within 30 seconds. The cooktop also flashes an F when the pot is not placed properly or when the cook top is turned on but there is no pot on top.
  3. Another safety feature and energy efficient feature we liked was that any item with a less than 5” diameter placed on the cooking area would not start the heating process.

However, you might have to upgrade your electrical switches as the cooktops use 40 amps on an average. You will also need iron-bottomed cookware to conduct the heat generated by the cooktop. Other than these mild issues, GE models are very easy to work with. Most users have also stated that the machine is particularly easy to use and clean and any kind of material can be placed on the cook top as it will not heat up non-iron containing objects.

GE is a very well-known brand and the company has several service centers distributed over the US. Currently, the company is offering a one-year warranty on their cook top models and spare parts are readily available.

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