Names of Flowers That Start With E

Whether for romance, decor or expression of tender, love and care, flowers are perfect expressive mechanisms that can fit into any event. They are beautiful even though scientific names usually don’t do them justice. There are different types of flowers categorized scientifically, by color or the type of occasion these gorgeous creations are to serve. Flowers can also be categorized by name depending on a group’s interpretation. There are numerous flowers that start with the letter “e” by scientific naming or the common naming style.


Eustoma is one such flower that is native to the Americas and the Caribbean region. The flower comes in various color palettes from purple, lavender, blue and its bi-colors. The flower is a popular cultivated cut flower as it offers many color options. Cultivators should give the flower moderate attention and cultivate it in rich moist soil that is not over-watered. It is a hard and versatile enough flower that will deliver the purpose for which it’s meant for.


Euphorbia is a type of flower that has always been taken to stand for persistence and never giving in unless a goal is achieved. The flower loves the tropical climate of the Americas and Africa. As the fourth largest genus of flowering plants, the plant’ flowers may come in various species including succulent ones. The color of euphorbia may range from blue grey foliage to deep red depending on the season.


With over 230 different species, Eryngium resembles the thistle. The spiny flowers can mostly be found in grassland areas and cold places with as little temperature as -5 degrees Celsius. Its purple and green colors blend perfectly. Gardeners would so much appreciate the flower to make their back and front lawns look warmly welcoming and colorful.


Resembling a long spike and also known as the Desert Candles, the Eremurus originates from Asia, especially from the Iran and Afghanistan regions. The flower’s colors may vary from orange, pink, snow white and yellow. They can be grown all year round as long as their drainage is regularly monitored. Its roots are fragile thus requiring proper care from a gardener.

Elm Flower

The Elm flower appeared about 20 million years ago in the Central Asia region. The flower’s plant is deciduous. The flower symbolizes dignity and has always been used as a remedy for people experiencing temporary confidence loss. The flower usually blossoms in the springs and is green in color.

Ebony Flower

Originally from the China and lower Assam area of India, ebony flower is a favorite for tea enthusiasts. It is a lovely black tea flower that boasts of delicate flavor to one’s tea and beautifying the garden.

Euryops Flower

Growing on a densely branched, evergreen and a leafy shrub is the Euryops flower. They are yellow daisies flowers with spindle shape and blunt ends, immediately after they flower. They grow well in the autumn-winter-spring seasons but throughout the year in the forests. They are a marvelous attraction that makes your garden colorful with its `screaming’ color nature.


The Echinacea flower has always been grown for its herbal remedy on cold and flu. For gardeners, however, the flower offers its good looks and long lasting nature of pure bliss. The flower is easy to grow and maintain and comes in colors of pink, purple or ivory white. Its popularity is also attributed by the fact that it makes an excellent cut flower.


Found in more than 30 forms, the Edelweiss flower originates from the Asia region. It has always been used to express noble courage and a non-waving daring confidence. The flowers are short lived perennial types that are unable to propagate by seeding after being picked from the same tree over a number of growing seasons. Its white silver color has also been considered as a symbol of purity.


The Erigeron flowers are daisy like in nature. The flowers are almost evenly branched with lavender, pink and white ray flowers that offer a beautiful view of the flower. The flower is not only used for its ornamental purposes but offers a magnificent view of the garden.


Eriostemon flower grows in a small upright shrub. Its roots offers good drainage handling and adapts much well in the gardens. The star shaped five petals of the flower are white in color and originally from the East Coast of Australia.


Eglantine flower has the scientific name Rosa rubingiosa. The flower loves to grow in dense bushes and symbolizes poetry. Its foliage has apple scent with 5 pink petals that blooms in late spring. It forms beautiful dense `bouquet’ when grown in home gardens. It should be strategically planted so that is sweet fragrance can be brought into the rest of the garden by moist winds

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