Names of Flowers That Start With C

Centaurea Montana

Commonly known as the Mountain bluet,this flower belongs to the Centaurea Genus. Unlike all other blooms of the same perennial, it has a glorious white color with centers colored in royal purple. It has been given the tag line ‘Amethyst in Snow’ and is considered great edger for bed and border. They usually appear during the late spring time and are followed by a residue of silvery green foliage.

Cerastium Tomentosum

This Snow in Summer flower is the perfect flower to grow on a terrace garden. It is adaptable in dry rock gardens as well as in a container. This plant is capable of growing covering a huge yard with just by planting a single little plant of Cerastium Tomentosum. They are easy to maintain, and only problem that occurs is if the pot is not well drained then the roots may rot quickly.

Cerastostigma Plumbaginoides

This lovely versatile and herbaceous specie is also known as Plumbago Larpentiae, is popular as a bloom of the late summer garden. It has a spiky and bright red buds which flowers into stunning blue blossoms. It spreads via underground runners and forms up a hard solid carpet with slender, erect red stems and fresh green leaves. It requires some care and attention in terms of its regular cutting in softwood and semi ripe seasons, but is a long lived plant as compared to others in the same genre.

Colchium Autumnale

This plant of the Colchium genus and having a common name Meadow Saffron, is a perennial with distinctive lance shaped long leaves that vary form five to fourteen inches long. It bears pleasant lavender pink flowers in a goblet like shape, which blooms in one to six in number on a single plant. During the dormant summer time corms needs to be separated and the spring sun is a necessity for the flower to store enough food to help the foliage ripen.

Clematis Crispa

Curly clematis, Marsh Clematis, and Blue jasmine are some of the many common names known for the flowering plant with scientific description Clematis Crispa. It is a deciduous climber which has originated first in the south eastern parts of the United States. They are brilliant shape makers with lovely curly edges and it is extremely sensitive to catching wilt from insects.

Chrysanthemum Morifolium

This perennial is correctly named as the Hardy garden mum because of its huge warmth and love portrayed by its bright variety of colors including red, yellow, orange, lavender and white. Their flower heads appear in clusters for over a very long period of time and can also be a good indoor plant.

Chelone Obliqua

This plant is known for its strength and commonly called as Turtlehead for its long round shaped stem. Short stalks are accompanied with deeply veined green leaves and have medium textures on it. The flowers are purple or dark pink and they are water resistant with terminal spikes and generally grow in a group density up to four weeks.

Chamaemelum Noble

The Chamoimile is the common name used for this botanical plant, Chamaemelum Noble. This perennial plant has a loud aroma and thread like shaped leaves which sway the surrounding with its sweet pineapple-apple like scent. Fully white flowers blossoms in the summer season and the plant spreads unevenly over the ground. The leaves also serve as a pleasant tea made and can also be used in preparing potpourri. The seeds can be sowed in the situ or the plant may be divided during spring to increase the flower growth.

Colocasia Esculenta

This is a unique plant which is usually known as Cocoyam, Dasheen, Elephant ear, Taro or the Black Magic. It rises about thirty six inches, and is exactly an elephant’s ear shaped leaf. They appear in deep purple color stalks and the leaves are its own flowers with even margins. They require mushy and water logged garden to blow up completely. Warm greenshouse is also considered to be good surrounding to help develop in aquatic containers.


The Blackberry Wine is such a flower which can reach up to three feet high and prefers partial shady areas. It is extremely pinkish purple in color and wine like fragrant flower which may not support much heat of the sun. Seeds must e sowed when fresh but the germination may happen erratically.

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