Names of Flowers That Start With B

Flowers are not only attractive parts of any plant, but some can be utilized in diverse imaginative ways that make them vital components of any plant. There is a plethora of flower species; however, this article will try to focus on the names of flowers that start with “b.”


One striking example of such flowers is naturally the buttercup species, which is in appearance normally yellow gold. And is a great favorite of the mystic types who believe its distinct essence often connotes a silent surrender of the soul, which can aid in restoring and healing of the “inner child” in most of us. And it also brings to the forefront the creative endowments that every one carries into this world. As it happens to be one of the earliest flowers that indicate the coming of spring. It is often thought to be the perfect symbolism of anybody wishing to re-establish their self worth in life, or even access the hidden treasures that lie in most of us.

Baby’s breath

This white flower happens to be perennial in nature, and it botanical name connotes the term “lover of chalk”, which accurately describes the type of soil in which this plant thrives. This flower has diverse uses, and one of the foremost is being used as fillers in many types of bouquet formations, which can turn commonplace floral arrangements into stunning and naturally mesmerizing ones.


A perennial flower that does especially well in humid sub-tropical or even tropical climes, and happens to be an extremely trendy flower that is mostly utilized as an ornamental houseplant in much more cooler climates. It produces delightful blooms that can be pink, white, scarlet, or even yellow.


An extremely versatile flower that can be annual, bi-annual or even perennial that is generally characterized by its distinct bell-shaped form, and invariably, its largeness. Comes in a wide variety of colors, which can range from dazzling blue to elegant purple, while in other cases can be pink or even white. This flower is widely noted for its intrinsic beauty and is, consequently, utilized as an excellent garden ornamental flower arrangement. On the other hand, this plant is also noted for its medicinal attributes, particularly in traditional Chinese medicine, whereas in Korea it is deemed an excellent culinary dish.

Bird of paradise

Otherwise known as the crane flower, this flower happens to be one of the most visually striking exotic flowers in existence. It traces its native origins in South Africa, and usually bloom from September to May. It derives its unique name from its close resemblance to a brightly colored flying bird, and can be an excellent landscape flower.


Happens to be a native flower from South America, and is usually characterized by diminutive white flowers, but can also be found in diverse colors such as pink, purple, magenta, orange or even yellow. And it can make for some of the trendiest ornamental flowers, in areas that experience warm climates. It can, additionally, be utilized as a houseplant, or even a hanging basket in much more colder areas. It particularly thrives in dry soils, and necessitates a little amount of water once it is established.


Can manifest in either yellow or orange blooms, and happens to be extremely versatile as it can thrive in most temperate climates, such as Asia, South America, and even Africa. And apart from being an excellent ornamental flower, can also have diverse medicinal attributes.


A plant that produces pale yellow or green flowers, and is native to the Mediterranean climes, and is naturally cultivated as an ornamental flower in oceanic areas, while largely categorized as a houseplant in the much more colder areas it can thrive in.


A native Indian plant that produces white colored blooms, which happen to be extremely eye-catching, and are hence, utilized in striking ornamental arrangements. Besides, the culinary properties of the actual plant.


The bulrush happens to be a perennial kind of flower that usually blooms from June to July, and apart from its appropriate and distinct garden ornamental properties, it is also utilized as an excellent flour producer. And its stem and leaves were usually used in crafting water tight boats in ancient Indian civilizations. There are many other examples to talk about but the above list consists of the most popular flowers in this regard.

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