Electric Projector Screen

One of the ultimate accessories in your home theater pursuits is the electric projector screen.  This allows you to comfortably sit back in your home theater seating, punch a remote control button, and down comes your projector screen.

These projector screens come in a variety of sizes, starting as small as 25″ (what’s the point, really) all the way up to 120″ or more.  You’re going to want to get a projector screen in the 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen).  A 120 electric projector screen in the widescreen ratio is going to be about 5 ft tall, and 8+ ft wide.

Electric screens usually mount in two different ways; from the ceiling or the wall.  If you’ve set your home theater up in the basement, it’s likely that you’ll have a drop top ceiling.  This type of ceiling is typically not strong enough to hang a projector screen, so you’re going to want to go with the wall-mounted option.  Aside from that, it comes down to your personal tastes as to where you’d like to mount it.  As a rare alternative, there are also floor mounted, or ascending projector screens.  These screens are designed to be recessed into the floor, or as part of the surrounding wall unit.  These are quite a bit more expensive than the other two options, but they are also a lot more stylishly designed than your typical wall or ceiling mounted screen.

You know you’re not too excited about adding another remote control to your already complicated collection.  Lucky for you, many electric projector screens come with an option to mount a switch to the wall.  Sure, this adds the inconvenience of having to get up to lower the screen, but you’re about to eat a tub of butter popcorn anyway; you could use the exercise.  Another option is to get a universal home theater remote, like the Logitech Harmony.  This type of remote control incorporates all aspects of your home theater including projector, projector screen, receiver, tv, cable/satellite.  You name it, and one of these remotes can control it.

Overall, the final choice for your electric projector screen comes down to how it will fit into your design.  Wall and ceiling mounted projectors are practical, but floor projector is the cool and stylish choice.  Of course, don’t forget the home cinema remote, so you’re not fumbling with 7 different remotes when when it’s movie time.

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