Digital Coupon Apps for iPhone

If you enjoy couponing, it can be quite useful to move into the digital age. Digital couponing can allow you to find the coupons that you need without digging through papers, and can help you to increase your savings. If you want to use the digital coupon apps for iPhone, the three below are among the best.

Above all other digital coupon apps for iPhone is Groupon. Well known for both its usefulness to consumers and the burden that it tends to place on shop owners, this free app allows users to track down wonderful discounts at no cost. The only real downside of the app is that it only offers certain discounts, and no true coupons. You have to make the purchase ahead of time, and you have to use the coupon within a rather strict period of time. If you do want to get discounts of up to seventy-five percent, though, this app cannot be beat.

Coupon Sherpa is another great app for digital couponing, especially if you wish to find an app that will allow you to use discounts at new places. Of the digital coupon apps for iPhone, this is the app with the best chance to actually give you coupons on a regular basis. The app uses the phone’s GPS feature to track down discounts nearby, and can give you the coupons that you need to make quite a savings. The app itself may not offer the same level of discounts as others, but it offers them in a far more useful manner.

Finally, there is the Grocery IQ app. Its integration with can allow you to perform your digital couponing on the go, but some of the coupons on the app do have to be printed. There are many ways to save with this application, but it is quite difficult to make use of an iPhone app that requires a printer. This application is best for those that like to look on coupons while they are on the go, but still want to be able to print them off from home. If you are looking for savings but do not care about convenience, this may be your best choice.

Digital coupons apps for the iPhone are often quite useful. Groupon offers the steepest discounts, Coupon Sherpa the easiest to use and Grocery IQ the largest variety. Each has its selling points, and individual consumers will have to think quite a bit before choosing a favorite.

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