A List of the Different Kinds of Flowers

Flowers are a one of nature’s most beautiful creations. There are many thousands of types of flowers out there, and below you will find a list of the many different kinds of flowers.

List of Flowers


Iris comes from ancient Greece, when the rainbow goddess Iris was personified, making the link between Heaven and Earth. The three upright petals are said to symbolize faith, valor and wisdom. The yellow Iris is a symbol of passion. Irises may also express courage and admiration. The Iris is an excellent choice for birthdays and not only. In our days, Iris is the official flower of Tennessee, and the emblem of the New Orleans city. Irises are grown all over the world can be found naturally Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Asia and North America.


The official flower of the United States, rose is a flower recognized worldwide. Whatever the occasion, there is always a rose that will express your feelings. Is not it more meaningful to choose a color that conveys a specific message for someone special?

Red – sincere love and respect, courage and passion.
Pink – grace and nobility
White – spiritual love and purity


Originally from Asia and dating from 1600 B.C., Lily is now grown almost spread across the globe, especially in the warmer, temperate and tropical climates. Its beauty and rich smell captured the hearts of many, making it almost as popular as the rose. Lilies are loved for their bright colors and are often used for decorative purposes.


With its open, heart-shaped flowers, Anthuriums have come to symbolize hospitality. Also, anthurium is known as Flamingo flower. Anthuriums have many forms and colors. There are more than 800 species of it to be found in tropical regions of the New World from Mexico to northern Argentina and Uruguay, with some species also growing in western India.


Alstroemeria resembles a miniature lily and it is named after his discoverer, Baron Claus von alstroemeria, a Swedish traveler which went to collect seeds in Spain, in 1753. Today, this popular flower can be found in a range of colors: white, golden yellow, orange, pink, red, lavender and purple. Alstroemeria’s leaves grow upside down, with the leaf twisting as the strain increases, so the bottom is facing up. Alstroemerias symbolize friendship, devotion and wealth.


Lisianthus symbolize appreciation and descend from the wild flowers of North America. They resemble tulips and poppies. Lisianthus has delicate petals and oval leaves, colors ranging from white to pink to lavender. Lisianthus’ flower is long, being often used in floral bouquets. It can resist in a water bowl for up to 10 days.


Compared with the long history of cultivation and hybridization of flowers, freesia occurred quite recently, being named after the German physician Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese. Its bell-shaped flowers present a citrus scent, which symbolizes innocence, trust, sweetness and friendship.


Orchids are long and particularly elegant flowers, making them the perfect gift for many occasions. Their graceful appearance draws immediate attention, and their reputation as exotic and unusual flower evokes a sense of refinement and innocence.


With a history dating back to the 15th century B.C., chrysanthemum has a multitude of stories and symbols. The name comes from the Greek term “chrys-” meaning golden (its original color) and “-Anthemion” meaning flower. Chrysanthemums symbolize optimism and joy, being the official flowers of Chicago.


Carnation is a delicate, durable and charming flower with a rich and significant history. Its scientific name is Dianthus – “flower of love” or “flower of the gods”, and depending on the source, this flower is revered for centuries. One of the oldest flowers in the world, carnation is appreciated for its ruffled appearance, scent resembling cloves and extended blooming period.


Tulips are one of the most easily recognized and loved flowers in the world. Because of the shape and color of tulips, choosing them is simple. They are not too elegant, nor too romantic, too big, too small or too bright; they are always just right. Tulips generally represent perfect love.

  • Red tulips are the strongest, being associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty.
  • Yellow tulips represent hopeless love.
  • White tulips are used to claim worthiness or to send a message of forgiveness.
  • Mottled tulips are among the most popular varieties, featuring striking colors, and represent beautiful eyes.


Lily blooms in spring. At the funeral, lilies are a symbol of purity, and are brought for the soul leaving Earth. Lily is a beautiful and majestic flower, trumpet-shaped, with large leaves, making it predominant in a bouquet of flowers. White lilies symbolizes purity and fairness.


About anemone, which can be found in nature in many colors, is said to have sprung from the blood of the Roman god Adonis. These flowers represent the general feeling of anticipation. If you receive a gift consisting in anemones than you will settle down and forget about all your sorrows.


In ancient times, it was thought that if you burn the leaves of this flower, their fragrance will banish the evil spirits. Today, aster symbolizes patience. Are you in delay with a project? Send a bouquet containing this type of flowers to show that you appreciate patience.

Sweet Pea

This extraordinary flower originates from Italy and is known for its catchy perfume. It is the perfect complement to any bouquet and will always remember about spring, thus changing the mood state of individuals.


Azalea symbolizes talent or the capacity to fight obstacles which occurs during life. It is a symbol of self-discovery and self-cultivation. At the same time, blossomed Azaleea symbolizes a fragile and changeable passion.


Narcissus comes from ancient Greece, and its name is linked to a beautiful and lonely young man named Narcissus, who broke many hearts with his indifference. Today, blossomed narcissus is connected with the spring’s coming, and popular traditions say that a trumpet-shaped flower announces end of winter and the return of nature to life.


Lilac is one of the most popular spring flowers, featuring a delicate, subtle and persistent fragrance. Resembling the smell of rose, lily and tuberose, lilacs has become a favorite of many perfume and cosmetics manufacturers.


Magnolia is a symbol of suaveness, emanating a relaxing flower scent. According to the legend, pure white magnolias quickly wither and turn yellow when they are collected, as they are inviolable in the material world.


Daisies resemble fate, destiny and are a symbol of strength and power of love. The man who gives a woman Daisy flowers shows true intentions regarding a noble marriage. The woman who likes daisies is a simple, sincere woman, who believes in the power of love.


Camellia is a flower that symbolizes good luck and a constant presence of mind. The man who gives a woman a Camellias is considered to have a unique and lucky style. Women who like Camellias are generally solitary, featuring a strong and independent character and being able to fend for themselves.

There you have it, a bit list of the different kinds of flowers. If I have forgotten anything, let me know in the comments.

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