Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer

There are some key aspects any home deep fryer needs to have, and the Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer covers them all at a great price.  I love deep frying, have years of experience doing it, and quite frankly, I’m pretty sure I’ve perfected it.  With that said, the main qualities I’d look for in a new deep fryer are:

  • adjustable temperature settings
  • large capacity
  • easy to clean

The Delonghi’s Temp Controls

Some deep fryers have an “On” switch and that’s it – no temp controls.  The Delonghi deep fryer has a temperature control knob that goes from 300-370 degrees.  This covers the full range of temperatures required to cook any food you want from fish to french fries.  It’s important to know the proper temperature at which to fry your food because this can really affect how well it cooks, how long to cook it for, how crispy it is, etc.  Delonghi deep fryers all have this same level of temperature control, so they excel in this category.

The Delonghi Dual Zone Has Massive Capacity

You also want to make sure you’re going to be able to cook enough food for your family, friends or both.  This is why I think the Delonghi D24527DZ is the fryer to go with.  You might not always be cooking 3 lbs of food, but it’s good to know you could if you wanted to.

The Delonghi Deep Fryer Is Super Easy To Clean

The Delonghi is really easy to clean because the bowl, frying basket and lid can all be removed.  It also has an easy clean spout which makes changing or storing the oil really easy.  The Delonghi deep fryer filters will prevent food debris from getting in the oil if you plan on storing it.

The Delonghi D24527DZ is The Best Of the Bunch

There are a couple similar models with the same features – the Delonghi D14522DZ and the D34528DZ.  The first is a slightly lower end model.  It’s less expensive, but you miss out on the digital control panel, timer and thermostat.  The timer is particularly important because even 30 seconds can mean the difference between a crispy treat or a soggy mess.

The Delonghi D34528DZ is a bit more expensive than both, and there seems to be no real reason for it. I’ve done some digging around, and it looks like it has the exact same features as the one featured in this post.  It does have a more high-end look to it, and I’m sure there’s more to it, but I don’t see why you’d get this one over the D24527DZ.

The Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer (D234527DZ) is exactly what you need for delicious deep fried delights.  It’s the perfect combination of price and function.  You can check it out over at where you’ll probably find the best price.

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