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Digital Couponing

While Extreme Couponing may have given many individuals the incentive to begin saving money when shopping, many more people struggle to understand how digital couponing works and how they can possibly save money themselves. The world of digital coupons is constantly growing with more and more people realizing that there are ways for them to [...]

How Do Kroger Digital Coupons Work?

Smart shoppers use a coupon’s availability as a way to take advantage of savings that have been promoted in a store’s literature. Those who visit Kroger’s web site can gain access to that source of savings. Any internet user can use that computerized tool to obtain a digital coupon. After clicking onto Kroger’s web site, [...]

How To Use Your Digital Grocery Coupons

Technology has certainly evolved and come a long way and all of us should definitely embrace the new technology because that would be in our interest only. Digital coupons or e-coupons are one of the results of the evolvement in technology. These coupons are just like their physical counterparts except for the fact that one [...]

The Best Digital Coupon Apps for Android

Android phone users do not have as many choices for coupon apps as their iPhone user counterparts, but they still have more choices than Blackberry phone users. Three aps stand out above their competitors. Some of the apps listed here have made versions of their software for Apple’s product. The consumer does not need to [...]

Digital Coupon Apps for iPhone

If you enjoy couponing, it can be quite useful to move into the digital age. Digital couponing can allow you to find the coupons that you need without digging through papers, and can help you to increase your savings. If you want to use the digital coupon apps for iPhone, the three below are among [...]

How To Connect Your Laptop To Your TV

This should serve as the ultimate guide on how to connect your laptop to your TV.  This guide will actually work for hooking up any computer to any TV since we are going to go over the connections you’ll find on any PC, Laptop, TV or HDTV, and how to get them all to work [...]

TV Ceiling Mount – A Versatile Mounting Option

Now that TVs are light and flat, you have many more placement options, including a tv ceiling mount. Most of the time when people purchase their new flat panel television, they only consider wall-mounting as an option, but ceiling mounting is actually a more versatile option for your home theater. If you have walls that [...]

The VGA to HDMI Converter

There are a number of reasons why people would be interested in using a VGA to HDMI converter, including cost savings (from switching to updated media), keeping old gaming systems, and using a television screen to project images from a laptop or PC. However, because VGA operates on an analog signal and HDMI from an [...]

The VGA to HDMI Cable – It Won’t Work

The VGA to HDMI cable is one that is out of date and does not give consumers the best possible picture, not to mention that in 99% of situations, it’s not even going to work. With television technology constantly improving and gaming and multimedia technology being more prevalent, consumers want to make sure that they [...]

Wireless Spy Camera

One useful device you can employ for home security is the wireless spy camera.  Wireless cameras offer some advantages over wired systems which are pretty obvious, but there are also some drawbacks and we’re going to talk about both. The obvious benefit of a wireless surveillance camera is the lack of wires.  Getting a system [...]

Should You Get a Separate TV Projector?

If you’re looking for a TV projector, there a couple of requirements you’re going to want to look at beyond choosing a typical home theater projector.  If you use your projector only for movies, or other special events, then obviously it isn’t going to be used very often.  People watch television much more frequently than [...]

Screen Goo – Is It Worth It?

When it comes to making a diy projector screen, nothing is easier than simply painting a wall with Screen Goo.  The problem with standard paints is that they are not quite the right texture or color, but Screen Goo paint comes in several different hues, and is specially formulated to give you a perfect viewing [...]

Is it Possible to Convert VGA to HDMI?

We’ve talked about the differences between VGA vs HDMI, but we didn’t really get into converting VGA to HDMI.  A lot of people wonder if this is even possible, and if so, how you might go about doing it. Switching from VGA to HDMI is problematic because VGA is an analog signal, while HDMI is [...]



Which is better; VGA or HDMI?  My friend posed this question last night, and before I had a chance to answer, another friend answered that VGA was better.  I considered correcting him, but I was curious to listen to his explanation as to why he thought this.  His main point was that your computer can [...]

Projector on the ceiling

TV and Projector Ceiling Mounts

When you’re coming up with a design for your home theater, there are many options as far as where everything is going to go.  One viable option for equipment placement is the ceiling.  You can use your ceiling to mount your television, or your projector.  All you need is a sturdy ceiling mount that is [...]

What Exactly is a 1080p Projector?

When it comes to buying a projector for your home theater, you’re probably going to go with HD, or high definition, and there are a couple choices available.  One of the most popular HD formats that people go with is the 1080p projector.  This is the best HD standard available these days, and will give [...]

Mini Projectors

Mini projectors are a new technology that is gaining ground in the world of handheld electronic devices.  These projectors are also known as pico projectors, or pocket projectors, and they really are small enough to fit into your pocket.  They are no larger than most cell phones, or small digital cameras.  With these pico projectors, [...]

Electric Projector Screen

One of the ultimate accessories in your home theater pursuits is the electric projector screen.  This allows you to comfortably sit back in your home theater seating, punch a remote control button, and down comes your projector screen. These projector screens come in a variety of sizes, starting as small as 25″ (what’s the point, really) [...]

Is a Blu-Ray Burner Practical?

A popular way to protect your original DVDs is to burn copies, and keep the originals safely tucked away.  Blu-Ray is the new HD media standard, and I’m wondering if it’s practical to continue this practice. In order to do this you’re going to need a blu-ray burner.  Blu-Ray is not incredibly new, as far [...]

Home Theater Seating

When designing a home theater, it’s important to take into account the comfort of you, your family, and guests.  You want to have a sufficient amount of comfortable home theater seating for everyone, and you want this furniture to fit in with the design of the room too. If your home theater doubles as your [...]