Names of Flowers That Start With D

The Daphne Mezereum or Mezereon flowering plant as it is commonly known belongs to the Daphne genus. The plant is a deciduous shrub. It can grow up to heights of 1.5 meters. It is found in Western Asia and Europe, particularly in Russia and northern Scandinavia. It thrives in limestone-derived soil. The flowers are light [...]

Names of Flowers That Start With C

Commonly known as the Mountain bluet,this flower belongs to the Centaurea Genus. Unlike all other blooms of the same perennial, it has a glorious white color with centers colored in royal purple. It has been given the tag line 'Amethyst in Snow' and is considered great edger for bed and border. They usually appear during [...]

Names of Flowers That Start With B

Flowers are not only attractive parts of any plant, but some can be utilized in diverse imaginative ways that make them vital components of any plant. There is a plethora of flower species; however, this article will try to focus on the names of flowers that start with "b." One striking example of such flowers [...]

Names of Flowers That Start With A

Are you in search of the most exotic and popular flowers that start with the letter "A?" Here, you'll find such a list. Some interesting facts about these flowers have also been given. Each of these flowers represents something and have a special kind of significance. Read on to learn interesting facts about all these [...]


A List of the Different Types of Lilies With Pictures

Lilies make our surrounding attractive, pleasant, and cool for all people. It is known as a flower that symbolizes peace, tranquility and purity. For its beauty and its symbolism, many people claim the lily to be their favorite flower. Now, there are hundreds of specific varieties of lilies. Below are the main different types of [...]

Types of Fall Flowers

Fall is the time to see some amazingly beautiful flowers that are as attractive as summer flowers. Fall flowers show flaunting and vibrant colors with shades of orange, mauve, yellow, red and blue. With large pink blooms and rust colored centers, a coneflower is an elegant fall flower. The flowers are 4 inches broad and [...]

Types of Summer Flowers

All gardeners are aware that there are three important factors that influence how successful their gardens turn out to be. These factors are location, weather and soil. While spring may be the perfect season to enjoy a fully blooming garden, there are a few types of summer flowers that ensure your garden doesn’t look all [...]

Types of Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are a delight to the eyes. Not only do they breathe life and color in any garden, they also make a perfect way to bid goodbye to winter. The growing of spring flowers are a sign of the arrival of the long-awaited season when the gardens are very colorful because of the playful [...]

Types of Hawaiian Flowers

There are millions and millions of flowers that add to the beauty of the Earth, and every region has it's own set of flowers that add to the regional landscape. Hawaiian flowers are unique and special. They are popular for their color, beauty and fragrance. There are many types of Hawaiian flowers. A few are [...]

Types of Orange Flowers

There are many types of popular orange flowers to choose from, that can look great in your garden or in cut bouquets. The cheerful orange flowers add joy to your life with their bright color boost. A bouquet of orange flowers has more impact if they are paired with red and yellow flowers. For those [...]

Types of Pink Flowers

Pink is a really beautiful color. It is loved for its softness and unique femininity. Flowers have also been known for their aesthetic value and undeniable charm. When you mix the charm of pink and the beauty of flowers, you get the perfect eye candy. Be it in your garden or indoors, a splash of [...]

Types of Lily Flowers

If you’re looking to plant lily flowers in your garden, you have countless species and types to choose from. You can actually have different varieties of lilies flowering from summer to winter/fall, depending on the species you choose. This type of lily flower has bright colors and numerous small, delicate petals. Compared to other varieties [...]

Types of Yellow Flowers

Most of us perceive flowers to be the sweetest things on Earth. Flowers are gorgeous and adorable and their presence offers fresh ambiance. Yellow flowers are the best flowers you can ever have. They have a lot of significance such as strong feelings, happiness, platonic friendship and gladness. With such awesome qualities they are definitely [...]

Types of Wedding Flowers

For many years, flowers and weddings have been inseparable. Many brides often choose to use wedding flowers to add that dramatic effect to their wedding to make it look classic. Here are some of our favorite types of wedding flowers. The Mum is another simple white flower, which provides diverse petal layers. It has a [...]

Types of Blue Flowers

Flowers grow in different parts of the world. In most countries, flowers are grown in greenhouses under cool temperatures. This is done majorly for commercial purposes. Nonetheless, there are florists who plant flowers in their gardens for beauty or as a hobby. There are many kinds of flowers to choose from. Yet, it is vital [...]

Types of Purple Flowers

Flowers play a big role when it comes to decorations. There are different types of flowers depending on their colors. They also hold a special place in people’s lives. One of the common types is the purple flowers. In many cultures, purple color symbolizes royalty either in religion or other cultural aspects. Below are different [...]

A List of Flower Names From A-Z

Below you will find a list of flower names that cover the entire alphabet. For more flowers that start with each letter, use the navigation above, or the categorical navigation to the right. Aster is the Latin word for "star" which perfectly describes the starry flower heads. This flower belongs to the sunflower family and [...]

Types of Water Lilies

Water lilies are aquatic plants that occur in tropical and temperate parts of the world known scientifically as Nymphaeaceae. Water lilies are very beautiful to look at. This brings a more aesthetic value to the pond when they glow making the pond to be environmental friendly. When they grow in a pond, they aid in [...]

Types of Calla Lilies

The Calla Lily is one of the favorites in this group of flowers, though it doesn't even technically belong in the family of Lilies, nor is it really a Calla. It has this name none-the-less, and below you will find a list of all of the different calla lilies out there. It has passionate flowers [...]

Types of Red Flowers

In nature, red is encountered frequently in fruits and flowers. Strawberries, apples, tomatoes, and cherries are all colored red. Flowers such as carnations, roses, tulips and gerberas are colored red. Red is thought to be a color that stimulates passions and brings joy as well as excitement and desire in an individual. This article aims [...]