A List of Blue Flowers

Most flowers that are thought to be blue actually lean toward lavender or purple, that is why it is not easy to find flowers in shades of blue. Some tend to change due to sunlight. If you are looking for the best flowers for your garden, then below is a list of blue flowers that [...]

A List of Edible Flowers

Many flowers are edible and useful for cooking. So in the spirit of expanding your culinary horizons, this is a list of edible flowers that are often overlooked by the average person. Chamomile or Dianthus is a white flowering plant, whose petals are used to make wonderful tea blends. In raw form, the flowering petals of [...]

The Names of Purple Flowers

f you want to add depth and richness to any kind of landscape design, purple flowers make a great choice. Blue and purple blooms have become among the most wanted flowers of gardeners. For this season, what is your pick for purple flowers? Let us enlist ten purple flowers of veritable beauty that will surely [...]

The Names of Flowers from A-Z

Below you will find the names of many flowers listed from A-Z. List of Flower Names Allium They belong to the onion family and are considered as one of the versatile bulbs for the spring or summer garden. It is a cut flower that blooms into a cluster of globe shaped flowers at the end [...]

Kinds of Purple Flowers

Flowers and blooms can create a nostalgic aura to any space. When it comes to versatility and charm, purple flowers are continually being enjoyed by ardent homeowners and gardeners as part of their overall decorative element. A color fit for royalty, it is best to know that there are various kinds of purple flowers ranging [...]

Kinds of White Flowers

White flowers, that are a symbol of purity and peace can brighten up your day and bring cheer. When you are presented with white flowers you should know that they are given as a token of appreciation for innocence and truthfulness. White flowers in the garden glow in the dark and give a heavenly appearance. [...]

A List of Flowers and Their Meanings

There are so many different types of flowers and most of them have special meanings. Below is a list of the common kinds of flowers with their meanings: The Big Flower List Alstroemeria These are basically utilized by florists as filler flowers. They are perennial and consist orange color although there are other hybrids of [...]

The Names of Blue Flowers

Blue is a color than many people find attractive. Combining blue flowers with other flower colors can give you an awesome garden. There are many shades of blue colors that come with different flower varieties. They range from deep blue colors, pale blue colors or a blue color that is bordering purple. Some of the [...]

A List of the Different Kinds of Flowers

Flowers are a one of nature’s most beautiful creations. There are many thousands of types of flowers out there, and below you will find a list of the many different kinds of flowers. List of Flowers Iris Iris comes from ancient Greece, when the rainbow goddess Iris was personified, making the link between Heaven and [...]

Names of Flowers That Start With E

Whether for romance, decor or expression of tender, love and care, flowers are perfect expressive mechanisms that can fit into any event. They are beautiful even though scientific names usually don’t do them justice. There are different types of flowers categorized scientifically, by color or the type of occasion these gorgeous creations are to serve. [...]

Names of Flowers That Start With D

Daphne Mezereum (Common name: Mezereon) The Daphne Mezereum or Mezereon flowering plant as it is commonly known belongs to the Daphne genus. The plant is a deciduous shrub. It can grow up to heights of 1.5 meters. It is found in Western Asia and Europe, particularly in Russia and northern Scandinavia. It thrives in limestone-derived [...]

Names of Flowers That Start With C

Centaurea Montana Commonly known as the Mountain bluet,this flower belongs to the Centaurea Genus. Unlike all other blooms of the same perennial, it has a glorious white color with centers colored in royal purple. It has been given the tag line ‘Amethyst in Snow’ and is considered great edger for bed and border. They usually [...]

Names of Flowers That Start With B

Flowers are not only attractive parts of any plant, but some can be utilized in diverse imaginative ways that make them vital components of any plant. There is a plethora of flower species; however, this article will try to focus on the names of flowers that start with “b.” Buttercup One striking example of such [...]

Names of Flowers That Start With A

Are you in search of the most exotic and popular flowers that start with the letter “A?” Here, you’ll find such a list. Some interesting facts about these flowers have also been given. Each of these flowers represents something and have a special kind of significance. Read on to learn interesting facts about all these [...]

A List of Flower Names From A-Z

Below you will find a list of flower names that cover the entire alphabet. For more flowers that start with each letter, use the navigation above, or the categorical navigation to the right. Flower Names A-Z Aster Aster is the Latin word for “star” which perfectly describes the starry flower heads. This flower belongs to [...]