A List of Flowers and Their Meanings

There are so many different types of flowers and most of them have special meanings. Below is a list of the common kinds of flowers with their meanings:

The Big Flower List


These are basically utilized by florists as filler flowers. They are perennial and consist orange color although there are other hybrids of white, red, pink and yellow colors. This is the flower of friendship and portrays fortune, wealth and prosperity.


This blooms from the bulbous plant with booms sprouting from leafless stem and measuring 6 to 10 cm. They come in several varieties which include white, orange, pink and red colors making it a much versatile flower and they symbolize beauty.


Its center is filled with stamens that are surrounded by huge guard petals. This represents fading of hope or feeling of being forsaken. On the other hand, it symbolizes anticipation.


They are much small in size crowding a spadix (fleshy stem). Every spadix grows to varying shapes, lengths and colors although red is the most common. It symbolizes hospitality, happiness and abundance.


These are 11/2 inches wide and normally bloom between June and October. There blooms closely resemble that of daisies even though they have brighter colors like lavender, red, purple and pink. They portray patience, devotion, daintiness and elegance.

Birds of Paradise

Native from South America and also called the crane flower due to its bloom’s appearance which closely resembles exotic and brightly-colored birds in flight. All blooms have 3 orange and blue petals with a few having yellow ones. The flower represents joyfulness, magnificence, exciting anticipation and wonderfulness.


These are native to Central America with their blooms holding single or double flowers and shaped like stars that protrude from their thin neck. They have pointy and yellow leaves that mature up to 11cm long with their flowers being 15cm tall. It symbolizes enthusiasm or zest for life.

Calla Lily

Their white color portrays magnificence, beauty, purity and innocence which makes them ideal for wedding bouquets.


These are very common from florists. There different colors have various meanings and generally symbolize beauty and pride. The pink ones shows love of mother or woman, red carnations show love, pride and admiration, yellow shows rejection, disappointment or disdain, stripped portray a refusal message, purple show capriciousness and white ones portray pure love and innocence.


The flower has hundreds of varieties with their plants being low, hardy and bushy making them simple to grow. These symbolize joy, optimism, fidelity and long life. The red type shows truth and loyal love while those of yellow color portray slighted love.


These are native from Mediterranean region and have got a bowl surrounded by six petals resembling corna. Originally, they are yellow in color although their breeding for years has yielded a broad range of colors. They are normally paired with any flowers that can harmonize with their golden colors. These flowers symbolize chivalry, eternal life, new beginning or rebirth. A single flower portrays misfortune with a bunch showing joy and happiness.


These flowers differ by region, local weather conditions and time of year. There are various hybrids that have been cultivated and are found in almost all colors. They symbolize love in different forms although this is dependent on variety, color and number of petals.

Cymbidium Orchid

These are mostly the largest family of flowering plants and are special because of their appearance in numerous color ranges. Every flower has five petals and are encapsulated between arrow and long leaves. The flowers symbolize exotic beauty, mature charm, refinement, thoughtfulness or glorious femininity.


They are also called asteraceae and have white petals with yellow middle parts. There centers are made of various tiny florets although their surrounding petals are importantly larger. They are said to be the best flowers that represent innocence and purity.

Sweet Pea

This is a climbing plant that can attain a height of 10 feet whenever supported. Their cluster of blooms looks like butterflies with their beautiful color. They symbolize delicate pleasure and bliss.


Being annual plants, they can grow to a maximum of 10 feet tall. Their face is surrounded with various rows of petals with their flowers symbolizing pure thoughts, adoration and dedication.


These are hardy perennial flowers and exist in various sorts of shapes and sizes. The flowers have upright and thin foliage and have the appearance of ornamental grass and represents eloquence.


Normally found in pink, white, lilac or red color. It comes from Southwestern Greece and Mediterranean parts and symbolizes contented existence and happy life.

Blue Flowers

With their long-standing popularity, their blue color symbolizes confidence, trustworthiness and intelligence.


It is one of cultivated and popular flowers in the world and often associated with Netherlands. Dutch tulips is one of the leading varieties. These symbolize perfect love, elegance and sense of grace.

This list of flowers will continue to grow as I get more time to fill it out. Go ahead and mention your favorite flower in the comments.

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